GENEVO solutions for installers

Over 10 years of practical experience in an electronic security industry allowed us to design innovative solutions, which can make your business stand out from the crowd. Start offering the latest security technologies to your customers now!



Start installing the latest security technologies to your customers

Over 10 years of practical experience in an electronic security industry allowed us to design innovative solutions which can make your offer stand out from the crowd.

Graphical user interface (GUI)

The most important information is indicated with clear and intuitive icons, and the whole interface is fully interactive. On top of that, the menus are animated to make the navigation intuitive and enjoyable – even to the youngest users.

Quick access buttons

Quick access buttons greatly facilitate everyday use of the system – for example, to home arm the system it is enough to press and hold the „Home arm” button.

Mobile access

Text messaging and remote control features might be equally useful for your customers – by using plain text remote commands the users may not only check the status of the system, but also arm or disarm it remotely.

Android smartphone users may also use a free application available via Google Play store.

Quick and hassle-free installation

The design of GENEVO products is intended to minimize the time necessary to install, set-up and verify the whole system.

  • the integration of modern alarm panel with a GSM communicator allows to save time on connecting multiple devices and excessive programming,

  • communication bus with autoconfiguration makes it easier to expand the system with add-ons like keypads or zone expansion module,

  • remote configuration and maintenance via GPRS allows to save time and money when a change to the site configuration is necessary.












Easy and intuitive programming

With a smart set of factory default settings, an up-and-running system may be programmed in five minutes!

Configure the system with the hierarchical menu...

  • clear menu structure, with well separated functional blocks make it easier to find necessary configuration functions,

  • intuitive menu navigation makes the panel programming as simple and enjoyable as never before,

  • quick access to service functions make it easy to review current configuration and make adjustments when necessary.

... or connect your laptop computer.

  • PRiMAtool Windows application allows you to configure a security system, perform basic diagnostics, review event log and update the firmware,

  • communication between the computer and GENEVO panel may be established locally (via programming cable) or remotely (via GPRS),

  • with PRiMAtool it is easy to make a backup of panel configuration that may be re-used in the future.


Modern, future proof design

Technology is our passion. That's why while we have made our design from the scratch, our goal was to take advantage of future-proof technological solutions that allowed us to avoid simplifications and limitations of older platforms.

  • design of GENEVO products is based upon high-performance and future-proof 32-bit ARM Cortex architecture MCUs,

  • ISP technology allows for easy firmware updates without the need to dismantle the system, which make it easier to make use of new, attractive features in the future.


Additional benefits for Installation Partners

We appreciate the cooperation with skilled professionals. That's why we will be happy to recommend your services to our customers who are looking for the security professionals that will fit their flat, house or office with GENEVO security system. Join the Installation Partners programme, and receive the additional benefits:

  • access to new customers, first-hand information on what's new and important events,
  • priority for trainings and demonstrations related to GENEVO products,
  • priority support and service terms,
  • access to promotional actions and other activities.

You can also hand over the form to your GENEVO distributor. After your information will be verified, we will provide you a unique Login and Password that will let you access Installation Partners section of our website.