GENEVO solutions
for your business

Your business may be your passion. With GENEVO security system, you can rest assured that it is secured well, 24 hours a day. The system that protects what is important to you should be reliable and functional, as well as easy to use - so you can focus on things that are most important to you.


So much to protect

Security is vital for the business. Regardless if you run a garage, a health center, a local grocery store or a traveller's office – when you leave your place of work you would like to rest assured it is secured well. The security of your company is not only the protection of the assets, supplies and equipment. It's also the security to the data of your customers, which could be deeply harmful in case it would be lost.

  • Invest in a modern security system – according to the statistics of law enforcement and insurance companies, having a security system is one of the most efficient ways to avoid intrusion, and to limit its consequences.

  • Make sure that in case of the threat, your system can notify it to the alarm monitoring company or directly to the people who will respond to it.


Professional security for your business

Security systems from GENEVO may be configured to communicate with most alarm receiving centres of alarm monitoring companies. This brings you the flexibility to choose the service provider which ensures you the most effective response to the threat, and to change the provider if necessary – without being locked by the equipment.

  • Advanced GSM communicator integrated with GENEVO panels ensures effective transmission of the information to the alarm monitoring company.

  • Standarized communication allows you to freely select the service provider – you can always choose the one that gives the best option for your business.

  • Stay informed – GENEVO panel may send the notifications on the threats directly to you, by using text messages or voice alerts.


Compliance with european standards

GENEVO panels are designed to be fully compliant with the EN50131 security equipment standard at the Grade 2.

  • Compliance with the up-to-date european standards allows to recognize GENEVO equipment by the major insurance companies, and it's use may be rewarded with discounts on the premium.

  • Choosing the equipment which is compliant with european standards, ensures that it meets the strict requirements on the reliability, functionality and tamper protection.


Everyday use made simple

The security system used to secure your office must be easy and intuitive to use, so that anyone may use it without the need to look for the manuals.

  • Unique graphical user interface (GUI) with visual clues make it easy to use, even for the users who are not familiar with security systems.

  • Most important informations are displayed using clear icons, and the on-screen animations make the menu navigation intuitive and enjoyable.

  • The user interface is fully interactive – there's no need to remember complicated control sequences.

  • Quick-access buttons make it easy to perform basic tasks – e.g. to arm the system at the end of the business day, just press and hold the „away arm” button.


Have full control over the security of your business

Stay well informed with GENEVO system – receive information about security system related events, and control your system remotely using your mobile.

  • Don't miss vital information – you will not only receive text messages in case of any threats, but you may also know who and when arms/disarms the system in your office,

  • Use PRiMAgo! Android app (available free on Google Play) to remotely check or control your system, any time, from any place in the world.

  • GENEVO system allows you for flexible management of the access – it's you who decides who shall be able to access your system.


Make your office a safe and secure place to work

The functionality of GENEVO systems goes beyond what's offered by simple security systems. It is possible to detect the threats of fire, water flood or even dangerous gases. In addition, the possibility to notify hold-up situation allows to create even safer place to work.

  • Request additional dectors to be installed in your system - like fire or gas sensors, to improve the safety standards in your workplace.

  • Have your system equipped with hold-up buttons, that allow for discreet or alarm notification of hold-up situation.


Customize the look of GENEVO keypad to your needs

Body colour

Display colour

Subtle elegance

Your security system should be a modern, elegant part of your office interior design. That is the reason for us to give you a choice – regardless of which colour variant you will choose, you can rest assured you get the latest and greatest, reliable technology.