Genevo solutions tailored for you

An investment in electronic security system is a great way to ensure a feel of security and safety to you and the ones that are important to you. We know it well in GENEVO - that's why we have designed modern and user friendly devices that will make you feel safer than before.


Beyond intrusion detection

The functionality of GENEVO systems outclasses simple intrusion panels by far. Properly configured, they may react to hazards like fire, water flood, and even dangerous gases.





Efficient notification – prompt reaction

Ensure full safety and security in your house, prevent dangerous threats:

  • include smoke detectors, gas sensors and water flood sensors to notify upcoming threats,
  • early detection, efficient notification and prompt reaction allows to counteract threats and minimize, or even avoid losses at all.

Easy calling for emergency

Feel fully secure when at home:

  • use the „Emergency” key when you'll spot the threat – whether it will be a fire, or any suspicious persons in the nearby,
  • GENEVO panel might automatically notify on the danger, in order to arrange help most suitable for the situation.


Feel of security when you're away from home and when you're at home

Unlike basic systems, GENEVO may provide a great feel of security not only when you're away from home.

The „Home arming” feature allows you and your family members to move freely within the secured area, and instantly react to attempts of intrusion from outside.

Use a simple hold-down „Home arming” button to provide full feeling of security to you and the ones you love.

Basic system

No security against threats from outside for the inhabitants.

GENEVO with Home arming feature

The security system works all the time - also when you're at home, providing them feel of security against threats from outside.


Enjoyable and easy use

The most effective security system is the one you're not scared to use. That is why we have put lot of efforts to design a friendly and intuitive user interface, which will be simple for anyone – including the youngest household members.

  • unique, graphical user interface with visual clues make the system easy to use even for those who don't know security systems,
  • most important information is indicated with clearly understandable icons, and the on-screen animations make the navigation intuitive and enjoyable,
  • the use of the system is fully interactive – there's no need to memorize complicated control sequences,
  • fast access buttons make the everyday use even easier – for example, to home arm the system, just press and hold the “Home arm” button.


Security system in the reach of your mobile phone

The GENEVO system enables efficient notification on threats – to the alarm monitoring company that takes care of your house, or directly to you.

  • SMS notification provides you with detailed information on what's happening in your system,
  • remote control with the mobile phone using natural SMS commands or PRiMAgo! Android application (available free on Google Play) allows you to arm and disarm the system, and even control appliances from almost any place,
  • you can check if you've armed the system anytime – don't let the anxiety to spoil your dream holidays!

Make use of all these features without any add-ons that increase the cost and make the installation more complicated.


Expandability of the system

GENEVO systems are future-proof: you can install some additional detectors or keypads shall there be a need for these.

  • expand the system to fit its functionality to the future needs of homeowners,
  • use additional keypads to make the system easier to use – eg. home arming from the nearby of the bedroom,

Contact your GENEVO security installer to find out how can you expand your installation.


Customize GENEVO keypad to suit your interiors

Select body colour

Select display colour

Attractive, timeless design

Your security system is a vital investment for years to come. Being aware of it, we have designed our devices so they can stand the trial of the time well, blending into the interior design.

  • timeless, no-nosense design that suits all interiors – both minimalistic, modern interiors as well as the classic ones,
  • colour variants available make it easier to suit personal preferences.