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EvoHUB wireless module allows to expand PRiMA control panels with EvoLiNK wireless devices. Advanced bidirectional communication in the EU-harmonized 868MHz ISM band ensures reliable communication and continuous supervision, and allows for remote configuration of system components.

EvoLiNK benefits:

  • Bidirectional radio communication for improved security and reliability of transmission for the most important informations,
  • Unique, encrypted communication protocol with rolling code enrsures the highest possible level of protection against intended or unintended data corruption,
  • Advanced Routing Technology (A.R.T.) improves communication reliability and signal quality in large installations, with up to 4 EvoHUBs co-existing within radio range and dynamically changing, optimal message routing path,
  • Smart Power intelligent power management together with the latest generation energy efficient technology, ensures long life-time on a battery,
  • Remote configuration of detectors and other EvoLiNK devices and full diagnostics facilitates system installation and maintenance.

EvoHUB specification:

  • Support for up to 64 wireless devices,
  • Possibility to use up to 4 EvoHUB modules to improve signal quality for large installations,
  • Antenna Diversity technology to improve signal quality in indoor scenarios,
  • Compatible with: PRiMA64, PRiMA16, PRiMA6, PRiMA12,
  • Built-in radio band analyzer (available via PRiMAtool),
  • Subtle plastic enclosure,
  • Dedicated tamper switch, with the possibilty to use external tamper detection device,
  • In-field updadeable firmware.

Required PRiMA panels firmware revisions:

  • PRiMA64 2.0320,
  • PRiMA16 2.0310,
  • PRiMA6 2.0309,
  • PRiMA12 2.0309.