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The keypad is one of the most important components of a security system for an end user, because it is the interface for daily use of the system. PRiMA LCD SL keypad not only makes PRiMA security system very user friendly, but also its look makes it an attractive part of interior design. Thanks to RGB backlight, the user can adjust the display color that matches one's interior colors or even the mood. In addition, display colors make it easier to operate the system as colors give an indication of most important system status.


  • graphical user interface that makes everyday use of the system easy and enjoyable,
  • large display with RGB backlight for easy customization,
  • backlit numeric keypad with clear and easy to press buttons,
  • icon based indicators for most important information in the system,
  • LED general status indicator,
  • intuitive user interface that ensures easy everyday use and access to less frequently used features,
  • acoustic indication with volume adjustment of the most important events in the system,
  • quick-access keys for panic/fire and quick arm features,
  • HomeControl menu for PRiMA64.


  • PRiMA 16 alarm control panel,
  • PRiMA 6 alarm control panel,
  • PRiMA 12 alarm control panel,
  • PRiMA 64 alarm control panel.